12 Attacks on Christians in Last 15 Days in Uttar Pradesh

Published 05 October 2018  |  
Morning Star News
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Jaunpur District in Uttar Pradesh has witnessed 12 incidents of violence against Christians in the last 15 days, Alliance Defending Freedom India (ADF) attorney reported.

Jaunpur is home for 180,362 people, of which, 0.11 percent is Christian population.

On Sept 25, ADF India listed out all the 12 aggressive onslaughts from Hindu fundamental groups.

"The pastors are woken up in the middle of the night and being arrested on false allegation of fraudulent conversions. The roads connecting to Churches are blocked. The believers are stopped from going to Church and forcing them to return to home by the police. The other pastors those who have not been arrested are threatened. And they are not being allowed to conduct service in the church," read a statement from A. C. Michael, Development Director, ADF India.

Attacks against Christians in Jaunpur were instigated by false propaganda of certain media houses, including Zee News and daily Hindi newspaper Dainik Jagran. The Hindu fundamental groups use media campaigns to slander Christians.

According to ADF, these media report that pastors are luring the Hindus by performing miracles and by offering some allurements.

"Whereas the villagers have confessed on news channels that they have accepted Jesus because their prayers are being heard and they are cured from their diseases and there have started enjoying the life better," read the statement.


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