10 Great Pictures Of The Holy Land

Published 06 March 2017  |  

Many Christians from across the world visit Israel and Palestine so they can see where Jesus walked. The land is beautiful, presenting stunning coast, dramatic desert and ancient architecture.

The political situation puts some people off, whereas cost or practicality mean others will never make it.

Here, we look at some of the most important sites and share some stunning views.


The Dome of the Rock is seen here flanked by two churches – the Holy Sepulchre on the right and the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer on the left.


Here, the Temple Mount/Haram Al Sharif is in the foreground with the Dormition Abbey in the background.


The Damascus Gate is one of the famous old gates of the walls of Jerusalem. It is in the Palestinian, eastern side of the City.


The Garden Of Gethsemane is at the foot of the Mount Of Olives and contains many ancient Olive Trees.


The Western Wall is the most Holy Place in Jerusalem for Jewish people. It is the last remaining part of the ancient temple.


The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is reputed to be the site of Jesus' Death and Resurrection.



Site of many of Jesus' miracles, in modern day northern Israel. The sea of Galilee is a very popular place to visit.


Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is well known throughout the world as a tourist venue. Pilgrims still see if they will float in the salty waters!



The West Bank town of Bethlehem still has a significant population of Palestinian Christians. The Church of the Nativity has stunning mosaics.

Piacenti S.p.a.

Neve Shalom / Wahat al-Salam

As much as places are important, the people are even more important. Sadly, much of the land is divided along ethnic and religious lines. In the village of Neve Shalom / Wahat al-Salam, though, Israelis and Palestinians live alongside each other as equals and neighbours. The name means 'Oasis Of Peace' in Hebrew and Arabic.

Oasis Of Peace


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